Molly Waseka of Dec. 9th put on an exceptional exhibit featuring the lost works of deceased artist, Lance Gravett. The paintings had been in storage for more than 30 years at the time of his death.


In an era where streams & interaction are chased and praised, while tangible art perseveres

on the fringe of extinction, we’re making an effort to keep print alive. In this 26 page zine,

I attempt to splice and screw photojournalism through collages of Sahtyre's debut in Barcelona.

From epic feasts to festive art lairs, open mics to Balearic waters, this piece is a glimpse

of the Barcelona escapade with Saht & Farid. (Click picture to purchase)

PayDay LA - Spring Turn Up

One of LA’s finest showcases of local hip hop. Featuring El Prez, Beat Boy, Asad iLL, Trizz, Xavier, Farid, Richard Wright, Longevity, Kiara Simone, Derek Pope and Waju.

SXSW w/ G Pen

SXSW w/ G Pen was trill. We gave out free CBD G Pen Gios at the Cannabis Now function. From informative panels on cannabis’s role in athletic recoveries during the day time, to Curren$y and Devin the Dude rocking the stage at night, happenings were big fuegz.


PayDayLA went all the way out. S/o Macros, El Prez, Bale, TF & everyone that shared the stage.